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Ever met this guy online that makes you feel great and super excited and would love to go on a first date with him?

The feels are REAL, and you can’t deny you’re super excited to meet this guy. He’s been making awesome brownie points in your book so far, and seems like the entire package.

You want everything to go smoothly, because you’re looking forward to seeing where things can go with him.

He has to make a great impression on you, but YOU also have to make an incredible impression on him.

How to make a great impression on a first date

Here we’ll tell you how to make an incredible great impression on a first date:

  1. Pick an interesting venue and activity that would spice up the moment
  2. Dress well and Neatly… Be decent
  3. Arrive early and on time….. Stick to the appointment time
  4. Do not forget your table manners
  5. Be confident and positive in your manners
  6. Talk intelligently but don’t interview your date
  7. Make eye contact and use your date name at all times
  8. Treat the restaurant staff with love and kindness
  9. keep your phone away from you
  10. Try to initiate payment, don’t wait for him just because he proposed a date

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