Do you feel like she no longer cares or like you are the only person who misses her? Well, let that not be the case anymore by making sure that your woman also misses you like crazy and she cannot wait to spend some time with you.
Make proper use of these five tips and see her crave for you like a piece of chocolate;

  • Make yourself unavailable

If you are used to seeing her every day, try and reduce to meeting her only three times a week or once a week and see how it goes. If you meet her every day, she will not miss you since you are always available. If she has not seen you for some days, she will want to know how you have been and it will be so refreshing for both of you to meet after some time.

  • Get busy

Get busy with your life such that you are not always the one to look for her. Let her feel like you have so much to do and that is why you cannot always be available. Do not let her feel like you are the idle guy who has nothing else to do apart from calling her and texting all the time.

  • Don’t play desperate

You really want her but do not show that you are so desperate to have her lest she will be bored with you. If she insists that she will not manage to show up for a date, do not act so desperately by begging her to spend some time with you. Give her some time to miss you and let her be the one to suggest that you should spend more time together.

  • Be fun

Do not be that boring boyfriend but always strive to ensure that you are fun to be with. Make her laugh when you are together and do the things that put a smile on her face. If you do this, she will be longing to spend time with you and she will be the one to look for you.

  • Ignore her calls

When she texts, do not haste to reply or answer her call. This, however, should not be a habit as it can be annoying and you can end up losing her since she will feel that you are no longer interested. Rather, just take some time to respond to her text messages so that she feels the vast of not having you around.

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