Are you looking for other words that mean more than I love you without using the phrase I love you? Then this article will help you out!

I love you, or I love you forever, is one of the most sought-after phrases in the world. Maybe because it is the promise of holding a place in someone’s heart or waking-up knowledge of a new significance you hold in somebody’s life. No doubt I believe in love, the strength of love, and the significance of love in a relationship, but I still feel that loving you is not enough. For a relationship to last forever, you need more than “I love you so much,” as love alone will not make a relationship work.

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Have you ever wondered why love is such a complicated thing? Why do you love songs that are sometimes sad? Why do marriages end? Why do people experience heartbreaks? Why would people say they love each other and still separate? Why would someone who once meant everything to you suddenly become a stranger or an enemy? Is this to say that love is bad, or is it a fleeting feeling that only the lucky few experiences forever?

Most importantly, some phrases are even more important than “I love you,” and I think we should hear them from those we are close to. These phrases should be as important to us as a declaration of love.

Here are Phrases that mean more than I love you

I will sacrifice for you

5 Phrases that mean more than I love you

I will sacrifice my time for you; even though I have work in the morning, I will stay up late with you. I will be selfless for you and your strength when you are weak. I’ll be there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in sickness and health. I will be there because you exist and are worth sacrificing for, depending on your state.

I will forgive you

5 Phrases that mean more than I love you

I will forgive you for all the things you’ve done to me or will do to hurt me. I forgive the way you shout at me when you are hungry, forgive the things you say to me when you are tired, I forgive you for all the times you did not even know that you were making me angry, I forgive you for not knowing what I needed when I thought you would or when I expected you to know, I forgive you when you fall short because I see how hard you are trying, I forgive you the same way I hope you will also forgive me because I know none of us is perfect.

I will support you

5 Phrases that mean more than I love you

I will always have your back and want you to rely on me. I will support your hopes and dreams, raise you up, never tell you apart, and ensure your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs are met. I will lift you up when you fall.

I will respect you

5 Phrases that mean more than I love you

I will respect your feelings and your opinion. I respect you for who you are, not for what I feel you deserve. I respect you because you deserve more respect, not because you have earned it. I treat you like a person with your own thoughts, hopes, desires, and dreams.

I am committed to you.

5 Phrases that mean more than I love you

I will be there for you again and again. I won’t leave you, I will make you a priority in my life, and I will work on our present and future because we want to last forever. I will look at our beginning.