5 Places you won’t want to miss in Nigeria

There are places you won’t want to miss in Nigeria whether you’re Nigerian or not, as far as you reside there, there are places you shouldn’t miss visiting in this country.


Nigeria is a country with a rich cultural heritage and diverse landscape. Many places in Nigeria are worth visiting, including historical sites, natural wonders, and bustling cities. In fact, these places are visited by those leaving outside the country, so what greater ease is there to access these places than for one already in the country.

From wanting to relieve yourself from the troubles of your environment to being glued to the physical ecstasies of these places — the wonder is just never-ending. So sit tight, stretch your legs and discover the five extraordinary places you wouldn’t want to miss in Nigeria.

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Places you won’t want to miss in Nigeria

Obudu Mountain Resort:

This is one place you would never regret visiting in Nigeria. Located in Cross River State, the Obudu Mountain Resort is a wonder to behold. This tourist attraction has just the right variety of fun sites that will thrill your bellies – the magnificent landscape view from the cable car, the waterfalls, the especially cool temperature, and the canopy walkway. It’s an experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss it!

Olumo Rock:

If you visit the city of Abeokuta, Ogun state, and you don’t stop by the “fortress of Abeokuta,” The Olumo Rock, you’ve missed something big. Olumo Rock is one of the choicest tourist attractions in Nigeria. It has long served as a rock of offense and fortress for the people of Egba Land since the 19th century. At Olumo Rock, you would be treated to attractions like natural tunnels, unusual trees, natural cantilevers, gardens on the rock, broken pathways, monuments of the belief system of the Rock’s primeval settlers, etc. It’s a sight you wouldn’t want to miss, even if for a second!

Yankari Game Reserve (Bauchi State):

Are you in love with nature? Or enthralled by the different life forms that complete our ecosystem? Then Yankari Game Reserve is the spot you’re looking for. This marvel of sight has the largest herd of elephants in the country. A more interesting sight is the varieties of animal species you will see there — including the Olive Baboon, Patas Monkey, Roan Antelope, and Western Hartebeest, all living in their natural habitat. Finish your tour at this captivating site and forever marvel at nature’s wonder.

The Giant Footprints of Ukhuse Oke (Owan, Edo state):

This is an extraordinary sight — a distinct footprint of a prehistoric giant embedded permanently on the flat granite rock. It’s definitely marvel!

Water Falls Arochukwu Town, Abia state:

Here is another embodiment of nature and culture. Arochukwu waterfalls are one of the best places to see when it comes to relinquishing the wonders of nature. There are caves and lots of mind-blowing nature wonders and structures of cultural heritage there.


These are just a few examples of the many places you can visit in Nigeria, each of which offers its own unique experience and attractions. So if you’re a Nigerian, fascinated by the intricacies of our culture and tradition, then Arochukwu will be a good place to start making your observations.

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