tips to ensure you’re available for your loved ones

Dear women, I’m writing this article as a mother speaking to her daughter. I’m a concerned mother because women are naturally born with the instincts to want to care for other people’s health. I’m not complaining or stopping you from displaying care and affection towards your loved ones.

No one can do this job better than you. My concern is the negligence to your own health.

I want to remind you that, in order to be available for your loved ones when they need you, you must be in good healthy state.

Here, I’ve compiled useful healthy tips that would reward you with the health you need in order to be available to offer help to your loved ones when they need it.

  1. Get enough sleep
    Sleep has been and will always be the ideal form of rest. No doubt, spending time at the spa or hanging out with friends are all forms of rest from work. But sleep does more than these. With the state of unconsciousness sleep offers, it helps a great deal in controlling the stress level. Another important advantage of a sound sleep is its ability to combat signs of ageing and makes us strong, healthy and alert to our surroundings during the day. No matter how busy or occupied you might be, it is important that you find time to sleep for about 8-9 hours.
  2. Include health check-up in your monthly schedules
    As much as I’d hate to admit that routine check-up is not an “African thing,” the more I want you to realize that it became an unavoidable routine when we gave in to processed meals. And with the industrial activities, no more is certain of the things we get exposed to during the day. Among others, the major importance of a routine check-up is the early detection of any signs of disease conditions that can only be combated with early detection. This way, diseases can be detected and treatment can commence immediately.
  3. Take care of your heart and lungs
    There is no doubt that youthful age is a time filled with vigour and unrestrained display of exuberance. You might want to try out everything and be everywhere. But you must remember not to fill your lungs with smoking tobacco, weed/marijuana or ‘shisha”. Smoking has a great effect on your heart’s vulnerability to lung and heart diseases. If you cannot stop smoking, then you should cut it down to a minimum.
  4. Be conscious of your overall fitness
    Gym centers have been springing up recently in order to promote the health benefits of keeping fit. And the good news is that they are found closest to you. If you cannot sign up in any of these gym centers, you can dedicate at least 20 minutes of exercise daily. As little as you might think the duration of the exercise is, it will help in keeping your weight in check, make you smart and ease your stress level. It doesn’t even have to be vigorous exercises. Jogging, skipping or some squats can go a long way. The secret is consistency.
  5. Your meal
    I just hope you’re not one of those women in comedy skits that when they stumble upon free meals, they order everything on the menu. As a woman, you must be conscious of what you eat. You must remember your elementary schooling in the identification of a balanced diet. Every meal must contain the necessary nutrients in their right proportion.

On a final note, I wish you a healthy lifestyle so that you would live long and be available to care for your loved ones, when they need you.

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