Cheating has always been found to be the result of lust and infatuation. It doesn’t only apply to married individuals but also to dating one’s.

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Most times, cheaters don’t think cheating is wrong until they get cheated on.

There are certain things you can think of any time you are tempted to cheat on your spouse.

Some of these things include;

1. Proposing wasn’t so easy, right?

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For men, sometimes it is hard to convince a woman that you are the best she can choose to spend her entire life with. But fortunately, she said yes when you proposed to her and it wasn’t an easy task I guess.
A question you should ask yourself is; is she worth throwing away for someone you have no future with? And for the woman, think of why you said yes when he proposed to you.

2. The sacred promise you made at the alter

Usually, during the wedding, there are vows that are usually shared at the altar between man and woman.
Before you are tempted to cheat, always think of why you promised to stay with him/her for your life in bad and in good situations.

3. Think of how it would feel when you disappoint family and friends

You took her home and she took you home for parents to bless you and family to see you.
What then will happen when they finally get the message that you are no longer together because you are cheating?

4. And the kids?

This should actually touch whoever is cheating and reading this article. If you have kids and still cheat, think of what will happen to the kids when you divorce because you were caught cheating.

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This article is meant to eradicate cheating among couples and save marriages from breakage.

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