I’m sharing this deep secret with you again just in case you may have forgotten; you may be incredibly sexy and great in bed. You may be a master chef with a degree in cookery. Their mother might like you and the sisters can be very fond of you. They may call you all the time and text you frequently all day. However, all that is still not enough reason to make a good man want to marry you. In fact, it has little to do with their decision.

Let me just make this simple for you; “The most important factors Men consider when deciding whether they want to spend the rest of their life with you happens OUTSIDE the bedroom, not inside”. Men marry women who can make them better men, women who make them look better and feel better than when they were single. And that does not happen in the bedroom. It starts out when they start noticing that their car and their house are cleaner, not because you do the chores for them, no, but because you encourage them to do it themselves.

They notice the way they dress, the way they smell good, and the way they start becoming conscious of their behavior in and around people, because they know they have to represent you well. They notice when they always want to share their ideas and important plans with you, because your advice and opinions always brings out the best in everything. They notice how their relationship with other people seems to become better, because you have rubbed your noble quality on them. They notice how they start making conscious efforts to maintain their relationship with God, because they have seen the evidence of God’s grace in and around you. They always know when you’re praying for them aunty, sometime ago I asked my married friend how he knew that his wife was praying for him, with a deep confident smile he said; “because God answers my prayers faster than when I was still a bachelor.” I haven’t yet recovered from the rhyme that came with that answer. Aunty they always know the woman that makes their life better, and the one that makes their bed exciting, WHICH WOMAN ARE YOU?

Have you been wondering why you’ve not been able to keep him with all the good sex, cooking skills and house girl spirit you have been displaying in his house? It is because you add no value to his life outside the bedroom, am sorry if I have hurt your feelings with this words, but somebody has to wake you up aunty, so which one are you?

A word is enough for a wise

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