DIY Home Remedy For Damaged Hair

No matter what we might want to think, hair will always remain the beauty and glory of every woman. Although not every woman likes to keep their hair long, taking care of your hair in order to attain that natural sheen and healthy hair is required by every woman.

As women who are concerned with how they look, we’re familiar with face masks and its effect on our facial skincare. So also is the importance of a hair mask as a hair care routine for our hair. No doubt, a hair mask is a quick hair remedy for damaged hair, but it’s highly effective in rewarding your hair with all the health benefits.

The basic hair requirements are hydration or moisture, growth, sheen, and the ability to combat infections. And these benefits can be achieved with a hair mask.

Well, there is no shame in trying to save some extra cash. Most especially during this period of pandemic. Everyone needs some extra cash from time to time and that’s why we’ve decided to provide you with an alternative to expensive hair masks. But surely, it is proven to give your hair immeasurable nourishments, protection and perfect sheen.

Required Ingredients

Don’t fret yet, I promise you that you can find almost every ingredient in your fridge; egg and lemon.

Eggs and lemon hair mask

Because the benefits of whatever you’re putting in your hair should be known. It is important to let you know the benefits of these ingredients.

Vitamins A, D and E, fatty acids and protein are required by hair for retention and sheen. These are the major roles that egg plays as an ingredient in preparing your hair mask. The egg serves as a hair conditioner in order to provide you with healthy hair accompanied by that desirable natural sheen.

Lemon has a natural oil absorbance rate which makes it a convenient hair masking option for those with oily scalp. It makes hair strands strong with its inherent vitamin C. Through the use of lemon, a clean hair scalp free from debris and trapped dirt is wiped out as a result of it’s acidic nature. Other properties of lemon relating to hair care includes, getting rid of dullness to replace with a shine. This is possible through the aid of Limonene, a compound found in lemons. It is also perfect for getting rid of dandruffs as it contains antifungal.


1 egg
1/2 lemon


  1. What you need is the egg white so you should make a small crack as an opening.
  2. Next, you should get a bowl and squeeze in the juice of the lemon. Remember to squeeze only half of the whole lemon into the mixing bowl.
  3. As you mix them together, be on the lookout for a smooth consistency. Once there is one, you should stop mixing.
  4. Wet your hair and then apply the mixture into it. Don’t apply it in hair roots alone. But it should be from the top to the bottom.
  5. If your hair is long enough to tie a bun, you should do so or otherwise, just tie it together and cover with a shower cap.
  6. Watch a movie or get busy so you can carry it for about 30-45 minutes.
  7. Get your shampoo and hair conditioner and rinse off thoroughly.

There you go, perfect nourishments for your hair needs. You can decide to do this once a week or every time before you make new hair in order to prevent hair damage.

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