Being new mothers can be very exciting yet overwhelming! Things are happening to your body, your hormones are going crazy and on top of that you have to prepare for a baby’s arrival!

Continue reading to find dos and don’ts as advice for new mothers! From pregnancy to newborn life, discover things I learned the hard way as a first time mom.

  • Document your pregnancy. You might feel like you don’t look your best in those “is that a food baby?” beginning stage or the beached whale end of a pregnancy phase, but its great to go back and see the progress of that growing bean inside of you. I recommend this for all moms, not just new mothers!
  • Say thank you often to your husband or support person. He takes care of you your whole pregnancy, listening to your crazy ideas, making sure you’re rested and fed and he deserves some thanks!  Whenever you can say “thank you” and treat him to nice surprises
  • Buy some maternity clothes. For a while, you can probably get away with your regular clothes even into your third trimester that has some stretch.  But there are some basics (hello bra extenders!) that will make that whole expanding belly thing a lot more comfortable in all areas of your body. And spoiler: you don’t have to spend a lot on this comfort!
  • Take a childbirth class. YOU may be reading a lot of books telling what’s going on with your body during this crazy time but your significant other probably isn’t as involved in that part. My husband and I took one at our hospital which gave additional details on best practices, information on their specific procedures and allowed us to get a full tour of the facilities prior to giving birth and we highly recommend that route!
  • Register for items beyond newborn stage. With an August baby, we had four short months until Christmas where everyone asks you what’s on your wish list. Even if you have a January baby, that year goes by fast and you need items past those first few precious months! Your registry can serve as both baby shower shopping and holiday wish list so think of that whole first year!
  • Make notes ON your gift receipts. Do yourself a favor and write a little description of the item on the receipt as you open those baby shower gifts as “baby layette” is what 90% of your clothes will be and that’s what the store lists on the receipt. You don’t want to waste time pairing up item numbers on tags if you need to return something for any reason!

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