Going on a long distance journey can be very memorable, sometimes, it also could be very, very messy at other times – regardless of the mode. Nonetheless, the focus here is on the commonest mode of transportation there is. That is, traveling by road.

In relation to the aforementioned, one of the worst experiences one could have is one during a (long) road journey. It could be the worst memory of a long time in his/her life… and trust me, you do not want that! No doubt, one of the litany in the litanies of factors that can result to such uneventful incident is your choice of edible(s) before making your travel.

Once or twice, you must have had that travel ordeal you really don’t want to remember, all because of what you ate before the journey, and it never gets better if it’s a public transit. Perhaps it was the coffee, or common tea, beer, soft drink(s)… heavy foods like fufu, eba, tuwo etc. The bottom line is, your body system was pitilessly dealt with in the vehicle, and you wished the seemingly never-ending journey will end swifter than it should.

Alright, that being said, let me walk you through a number of edibles you should try to avoid before hopping into the vehicle; traveling by road.

Tomato based products: This could be a nightmare for those with an overactive bladder as these products could irritate your bladder due to their acidity. So rethink your tomato stew, pizza, pasta, salsa etc. Before making any long distance travel.

Citrus: Check your intake of citrus juices and fruits also, like oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits, and keep it to a minimum before your trip. Their acidity will only force you to constant peeing at every stop.

Salty snacks: If you start worrying about your seatbelt getting more and more snug, it could be due to bloating. Chips, pretzels and other salty foods actually cause your body to retain more water as they attempt to maintain a balance of electrolytes.

Milkshakes: They can easily cause an upset stomach, so try as much as possible to resist the urge of taking creamy, frozen drinks before, or on the road.

Coffee and tea: Too much of either could increase bladder activity, making you nag the driver for frequent pull overs for you to go and pee.

Regardless of the foods mentioned here, it’s generally safe to avoid any food or drink that ordinarily disrupts your normal body functioning before or during a trip by any mode at all.

By Charles Nnanna

Source: Hannah Doolin, Hearst Magazine Media Inc. 2020

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