Women aren’t the only ones who get jealous. Men experience it too. But they often hide it and express it in a passive way. They are prideful and don’t like to talk about it openly. However, that causes them to become very controlling and possessive.

Your boyfriend may currently have some sort of jealousy of you.

These signs below will help you figure out how he’s feeling:

1. Getting Angry for No Reason
Getting angry for no reason is a sign that your boyfriend is jealous of you but hiding it. This can happen when you’re out to have fun with your friends. It might not affect you too much but your boyfriend takes it personally. Your boyfriend will be jealous but won’t admit it. Here are more Signs that He is Jealous .

2. Being Possessive
Here are more signs your boyfriend is jealous of you but hiding it. Your boyfriend could become possessive. He wants to know what you’re doing, where you’re going and the things you talk about with your friends. He has to know it all. This possessiveness will make him be an over protective boyfriend. He will start to make boundaries for you which will make you have less freedom.

3. Doesn’t Like You Keeping Your Ex’s Pictures
If he ever finds a picture of your ex on your social media, he will immediately asks you to delete it. He’s going to say that he doesn’t like you posting pictures of other guys beside him. Your boyfriend will stay jealous even though you’ve explained to him that he’s the only guy that matters in your life.

4. Doesn’t Like You Talking about Other People
A jealous guy will not like it if you talk about other people, especially when it’s about guys. You’ll find him unhappy and start to get moody when you keep talking about other guys. You might the risk of being ignored as he doesn’t want to hear anymore from you.

5. Talks Bad about Your Friends
Sometimes your boyfriend can get extremely jealous because of your friends. This will happen if he feels that you’re spending more time with them. He wants you to pay attention to him too. He might start to talk badly about your friends if he feels that he’s not your number one. On the contrary, here are the Signs that Your Friend is Jealous of Your Relationship.

6. Keeps an Eye on You
Catch the sign that your boyfriend is jealous of you but hiding it when the both of you are in a public setting. You could be at a party with your boyfriend. As the both of you mingle with other people, you feel very watched by him. He does this so that can always keeps an eye for you. He doesn’t want other guys to get close to you and he doesn’t want you to get too personal with other guys either.

7. Stalks You
A jealous boyfriend will often have a deep sense of suspicion on their partner. Your boyfriend might ask you for the passwords to your e-mails, facebook or other social media accounts that you own. He wants to know who you’re interacting with over the internet. If you don’t give him the passwords, he might have more reasons to become very suspicious of you.

8. Odd Behaviours
Displaying odd behavior is another sign that your boyfriend is jealous of you but hiding it. Body language says everything. When you’re close to him, he could become awkward or odd. He might be cold and completely avoid interaction with you. All those behaviors are his attempts at trying to keep his jealousy and anger under control. Other than that, your boyfriend may show the Signs He Likes You Trying to Make You Jealous .

9. Changing Moods
You may find your boyfriend in a very happy mood. But that won’t last long as soon as someone calls you on your phone. He’ll be in his worst mood if the person on the other side of the phone is a guy. It won’t matter much if the guy is just a friend or a business partner, your boyfriend is dead jealous. Work on the Ways to Get Over Jealousy Issues Relationship.

10. Acts as if He Doesn’t Care
When you’re talking to a guy in front of him, he’ll act as if he doesn’t care. But after the guy leaves, he’s going to act weird around you. He won’t say anything about it. Your boyfriend will likely stay quiet but very moody. You can soften him up by teasing him a bit or say something comforting.

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