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Ever wanted to organize your birthday party but to know how to go about it, Today we’ll be giving you tips on how you can organize a standard birthday party.

Planning birthday parties is both fun and stressful. There are many elements of a good party to take into consideration, and the responsibility of the party being a blast falls on you. There are some fail-safe steps to take in order to plan a fantastic birthday party that will have everyone involved and having fun. Make sure that you have fun along the way!

  1. Decide on the Location and Time of the Party: This is a very essential part of the party plan; which cuts across;
    • Choosing a date for the party
    • selecting the time for the party
    • Decide on the budget for the party
    • Make a list of the invited guest
    • Choose a suitable location for the party
  2. Planning the party proper: which includes;
    1. Decide if the party should have a theme. Themed birthday parties can be a lot of fun, but they can also end up being more costly when you consider buying everything to match the theme.
      • Weigh the pros and cons of having a themed party based on the person whose birthday it is. Would they like a themed birthday party
      • Consider whether it is a kid’s party or an adult’s party. Choose a theme that is age-appropriate, if you decide to go this route. For example, appropriate themes for children would be based on kid-friendly television shows or movies, circus, movie theater, a children’s book, or carnival. On the other hand, appropriate themes for adults might be a black-and-white affair, casino, a decade theme, or an adult movie or television show.
    2. Purchase and send out invitations. Once the earlier details are decided upon, then it is time to send out invitations to the guest list.
    • It is best to send out the invitations about 3-4 weeks in advance of the party in order to give people enough time to plan for it. Be sure to include RSVP information on the invitation
    • Sending out the invitations after you have decided on the earlier details ensures that you have the guest list secured and that you have decided on whether to have a themed party, making you more organized
    • Be sure to reach out to some of the invited guests for help. They can help set up, clean up, provide food, decorate, and more. It is not necessary to do it all by yourself!
  3. Create a plan for food and beverages. Based on what you have decided for the party, you have different options for these aspects.
    • Decide what type of food will be best for the party. If you chose a theme, then make sure the food flows with that theme. For example, a camo cake would work great for an army-themed party, but it would seem out of place for a princess-themed party.
    • Know whether any of your guests have food allergies. If so, be sure to provide options that are safe for them to eat or let them know that they are welcome to bring their own food.
    • Be realistic about how much food and drink to provide based on the length of the party. A party that is planned to be an hour or two might only require refreshments and birthday desserts, while a party that is meant to last for several hours will need more of a meal.
    • Make sure that you plan for enough food and drink to cater to all of the guests. Err on the side of too much food rather than too little.
  4. Know your obligations for providing the food and drinks. You may or may not be responsible for providing these things, based on your decision about where to host the party.
    • If you are throwing the party in your home or someone else’s, decide if you will make all of the food yourself. If not, then reach out to others and ask for their assistance in providing the food and drinks. A potluck is a great idea
    • If the party is going to be held at a restaurant, then no real planning needs to be done in this area, as the restaurant will take care of that for you!
    • If the party is going to be at a party or banquet hall, then you need to check with their staff about catering options. Find out if you can bring the food, if they will cater the food, or if they have particular vendors they use to cater food for parties.
    • Decide whether alcohol should be provided if it is an adult birthday party. For example, if the birthday person does not drink and has many friends and family who do not drink, then alcohol would be unnecessary.
  5. Gather decorations for the party. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the planning!
    • If you decided on a theme for the party, then this will be easy, as you will simply buy decorations to match the theme
    • If you did not decide on a theme, then think about what the birthday person would want. Does he/she likes a lot of decorations, like balloons, streamers, and confetti? Or is he/she more of a laid-back person who is not interested in decorations? Purchase decorations accordingly.
    • Decorations are not as important for an adult’s birthday party, but they are quite important for a child’s birthday party. Kids are imaginative, so even household items can contribute to the decorations if you want to save money in this area
  6. Choose entertainment options for the birthday party. This could involve several different types of entertainment.
    • For a child’s birthday party, there are many options. Games are great, but they often require supplies, so keep that in mind. You could have a storytime if it goes with the theme. Another idea is to have music playing. You could also hire an entertainer, such as a clown, a magician, or a scientist if it is in your budget.
    • An adult’s party can just as easily include games. It would also be helpful to have music playing in the background, either via a disc jockey or via a homemade setup with a computer or smartphone and speakers. If the party is going to be out on the town, then the entertainment could come in the form of a live band or an activity, such as a comedy show.
  7. Choose what dessert will be. For many birthday parties, this is the most important part!
    • Most of the time, the birthday person will want a cake, especially if it is a child. Decide whether you are going to make the cake yourself or purchase one from a bakery.
    • Know what kind of cake the birthday person likes, and take into consideration any food allergies of the guests. Have an alternative dessert ready if they cannot have the cake.
    • If the birthday person does not want a cake, then provide what they do want! Cupcakes, brownies, pies, cookies, and ice cream are all perfectly acceptable substitutions for birthday cake.
  8. Create a back-up plan in case of weather, especially if the party is outside. Have an alternative location prepared and a system for notifying the guests if the need arises.

There are also other key notes to put in place when planning a party which will be discussed in our next article

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