Do you feel the power has been shifting in your relationship? Do you suddenly find yourself adjusting your calendar according to your partner’s schedule, canceling appointments to
have lunch with her or him, waiting for the partner to call or write, or otherwise following the person around? This is bad news.

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A partner might believe that they like to be in control, that it’s always preferable. And they might even temporarily enjoy the power trip if
they can pull it off. But in the long run, the controller will lose respect and admiration for the person who puts up with them, and the follower
will build resentment.

At that point your relationship will be in serious trouble.

It’s difficult to regain equal footing by talking to a partner, but there are lots of smaller steps you can do to regain a healthy balance in your relationship.

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All hope is not lost. There are simple ways in which you can gain back your partner’s attention and return your one-sided relationship to what it was originally – a union of ‘two’ people who care about each other.

Get busy

Getting busy with your life will keep you so occupied that you won’t have so much free time on hands to be thinker about your partner or even trying to contact him. Let him feel like you have so much to do and that’s why you can’t always be available. Don’t give him the impression that you are an idle person who has nothing else to do besides calling and texting all the time.

Ignore him

Don’t be in a haste to reply or answer his texts or calls. However, don’t make this a habit because it can be annoying and you could end up losing your partner since he might feel that you are no longer interested in the relationship. Instead, just take some time to respond to his text messages so that he feels the ‘pain’ of not having you around.

Make yourself unavailable

If you are used to seeing your partner every single day, try and cut it down to three times or once a week and see how it goes. Perhaps your frequent meeting is one of the reasons for his disinterest. But if he doesn’t see you for a couple of days, he would want to know what’s up with you and how you’ve been. And it would be so refreshing for both of you to meet again after some time.

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