What can you say when your girl insists that she loves you more? You can allow yourself to get sucked into the “No, I love you more” spiral, or you can make things a little more interesting

Below are some lesser known responses for when she says she loves you more. They’re unconventional and pretty unpredictable, but they’re steer your conversation in a different direction. Just a word of warning though, some of the responses here appeal to her humor, so make sure she’s in the mood to laugh before saying those responses!

“I love you the mostest!” Appeal to her more childlike side by saying this incredibly absurd but undeniably cute (subjective) response. It sounds a lot like something you would hear from two child actors in a kiddie movie, but it could work in the right circumstances. The mere absurdity of this response might just make her laugh out loud and drop the issue because if you’re willing to botch your grammar just to prove that you love her more, then maybe you should win this argument.

“Can’t say I blame you.” A little self-love never hurt anybody, right? Make her laugh out loud when you acknowledge that yeah, maybe you are super lovable – enough to be the more loved one in a relationship. However, keep in mind that you should only use this response when she’s in a good mood. If she happens to be in an argumentative mood, she might just wonder why you’re not taking the bait and responding with “No, I love you more.” So before you blurt out this conceited but undeniably funny response, make sure she’s more in the mood to laugh than she is to argue!

“You’re so cute when you get all argumentative.” Don’t want to get sucked into the “But I love you more” cycle? Change the subject subtly by pointing to how adorable she looks when she gets all worked up over a pointless (but admittedly cute) argument. Just make sure not to sound super patronizing because you might just make her angry!

“I love you better.” Which is better: to be loved more or to be loved better? When you really think about it, being loved better is, well, better. This response is a little more serious, but we’ll explain why it’s such a good response. When you love someone more, you’re saying that you’re lavishing them with all the love your heart can muster. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, that kind of unconditional and selfless love is commendable. On the other hand, loving someone better is a whole different story. You’re not giving them everything your heart has to offer. Instead, you’re giving them the love they need, the kind of love that would make them a better person.
When you say this response, it might make her think for a moment about what being loved better means. And you can use this time to explain how a person can give another the love that they need. Who knows, it might spur your two in a philosophical argument about love, which can help you get to know each other better.

“Okay, so you’ll let me get that new game I wanted?” Uh oh, it’s a trap! When you’ve gone through a couple of rounds of “I love you more”, whip out this response and you’re sure to get her quiet. When you say this, you’re basically in for a win-win situation. If she says you can’t get the new game or new sneakers or new accessories for your car or whatever it is you want, then you can say “Aha! That means I’m the one who does love you more!” But if she says that you can get that thing you want because she loves you that much, you can finally buy that thing you want with her consent even if you lose the pointless “I love you more” argument.

Yes, we know it can be a little manipulative. But it can really show you what’s more important to her – the practicality of letting you buy that thing you need or winning an imaginary argument.
“More than a fish loves water? More than a bird loves to soar? More than the tubby kid loves cake? More than…” When you don’t want to respond with the usual “No, I love you more”, use this time to wax poetic about how much you love her. Does she love you more than cats love dozing off in the sun? You definitely do! Does she love you more than kids love game? Well, you know you do! It’s a new take on the whole “I love you more” game that makes it more interesting.

At the end of the day, does it really matter who loves who more? Maybe not. But hey, it’s a fun way to playfully test your love for each other, right?
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