I’ll go ahead and save everyone the time and an unnecessary article and reveal the one and only way to handle sexual disloyalty from your woman:

You don’t.  

Drop her like the cheating slut she is and don’t look back. Easier said than done, but we all know taking back a cheating woman will turn your life upside down in a hurry.

The best way to handle infidelity is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Do you want to stop your woman from cheating on your in your marriage or relationship? Here are the secrets you’ve been waiting for.

Finally, researchers have discovered the singular s*x style that is capable of preventing a woman from going astray in a relationship!

For men who love to have a head, aka oral s*x, with their women, researchers have said there are scientific reasons for that pastime, and that it is one huge way a man could keep his woman and prevent her from cheating!

The researchers claim that women love their men to perform oral s*x on them and that one of the reasons for that preference is as a result of evolution. They add that women are likely to be more satisfied by a man who regularly performs oral s*x on them.

In fact, it turns out that women may actually have evolved to be more attracted to men who regularly perform oral s*x on them. A research published in the Medical Daily draws this conclusion from a 2013 study of 243 men in long-term straight relationships. The authors of this study tested to see if oral s*x has a definitive evolutionary purpose for women, or whether it’s just harmless foreplay fun.

They found that women who regularly receive oral s*x are more likely to be faithful, with oral s*x representing a key strategy for men to retain their women and keep them happy.

Medical Daily wrote: “The research showed that men who were most likely to report getting their partner to orgasm during oral s*x were more likely to think their woman was sought after by other men.


“Therefore, the more eager men are to please partners believed to have better options, the more likely they may be to perform cunnilingus to keep their mates from cheating.”

The study essentially found that women who are satisfied by their partners are much less likely to resort to cheating. But biologists also believe that there is another reason why women have evolved to enjoy 0ral s*x so much.

S*x experts claim that when women have oral s*x performed on them before intercourse, it can drastically improve s*x quality. Not only does this increase the amount of arousal a woman feels, but it naturally lubricates things, which makes for higher quality s*x. Experts also claim that the same goes for men, with pre-s*x 0ral offering a way for women to guarantee that their men are well lubricated and ready for reproduction.


“This means that all sorts of s*xual behaviours can be traced back to evolutionary roots, when s*x was a serious business and things had to be just right,” the research concluded.

Cheating is perhaps the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. It its entirety, it is worst than a breakup that might arise due to differences. Another aspect that can make cheating the worst possible thing to be faced with is that cheating, more often than not, happens without your knowledge. To stop your girlfriend from cheating on you, or if you are a woman, to stop your boyfriend from cheating on you can be difficult, for we do not usually identify areas in our own lives that prompt cheating in a relationship. Our focus in this article is mostly on men- the things you need to do as a man to stop your girlfriend from cheating on you. The points can also be viewed under a more relevant topic- “ways to stop your girlfriend from breaking up with you”.

So here are my tried and true, best remedies to keep your girl from spreadin’ em for other dudes.

  • Focus On Being A Man

Your girlfriend wouldn’t be attracted to you as much as you think if you do not focus on being a man. In order to make your relationship cheat-proof, remember this very important point.

  • Show Her All The Respect She Deserves

If you really respect her for what she is, show it to her. Girls really appreciate being respected for what they are. The feeling and show of respect, however, should be genuine.

  • Her Imperfections

Make her understand that some of the best things about her are her imperfections. This will unfailingly work to create an impregnable bond. A powerful bond works wonders in making your relationship cheat proof.

  • Stop Unnecessarily Doubting Her

Do not doubt her and create an atmosphere of irritation. Make sure your insecurities are done away with.

  • Travel Often

One of the best ways to stop your girlfriend from cheating on you is to make your relationship lively. Travelling often will definitely help. It serves to breed an atmosphere of excitement and liveliness.

  • Compliment Her Often

Be sure of the fact that your girlfriend loves to be complimented. That is exactly what you should be doing.

  • Your Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a boyfriend and her man are many. Make sure you do not evade your responsibilities. Being true to yourself is the key.

  • Give Her The Space She Needs. Take out Time For Yourself Too.

A healthy relationship is one in which both of you have time for yourselves. Allow her to hang with male friends too. Just let her know you trust her.

  • Do Not Expect Too Much

Expecting too much can lead to disharmony. Keep expectations at a bare minimum.

  • Share Dreams And Be Ambitious

If your dreams are similar, it is less likely that your girlfriend will cheat on you. Make sure you see her dreams as your own. A relationship of that sort will certainly work to prevent cheating of any sort.

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