Exactly how to win a man’s heart forever

Are you wondering whether he truly loves you? A man who loves you will catch a grenade for you. Sometimes women are too blind to see that there is no love existent in their current relationships . Do not hold on if he has proven beyond doubt that he is not the right man you want in life.

If your man doesn’t do these things, think twice;

1. Respect your opinions

Women are entitled to opinions in relationships. A man should respect your opinions. He should listen before giving his side of the story. If he rarely respects your opinions then something is wrong somewhere.

2. Introduce you to his friends

By introducing you to his friends, your means he is proud of you. If he rarely does so then you should tread cautiously. The way he treats when you are with his friends is very important when it comes to relationships. Dump him if he does not introduce you to friends.

3. Involve you in his future plans

A man in love will involve you in his future plans . He will tell you where he wants to be several years down the line. He will also inform you what he wants done for the sake of your happiness.

A real man work around with his partner

4. Walk with you around

He will not fear walking around with your regardless of the function. If your man never wants to walk hand-in-hand with you the something is wrong.

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