You need not be sick or
mentally ill to seek
counseling and guidance

Counselling is a purposeful activity having profound effects on people. As a result of counselling people make
significant and radical changes in their lives which will enable them to lead a better and meaningful life.

Counseling will be provided in an online session by professionals.

Are you going through troubles and you’re scared to share with anyone, feel free to tell us, as your secret remains personal with us..

N.B: A problem shared is half solved!!

  • Child/Student Counselling and Guidance: We provide one-on-one as well as groupsessions for students to manage their day-to-day life situations, which will help them to deal with life preassures such as peer, performance, family, social andexam stress and anxiety. We have core sessions where we guide and groomthem for the college and university life.We provide assistance in dealing with their health / mind and body issues through our various counselling and guidance porgramme such as:
  • Kids counselling and guidance
  • Student counselling and guidance
  • Teen conselling and guidance
  • Academic counselling and guidance
  • Career guidance programme
  • Study / Learning counselling and guidance
  • Marriage and Family Counselling and Guidance: With increasing economic independence and the fast changing lifestyle, the institution of marriage and family seems to be collapsing. The couples bring different expectations to the marriage understanding, fulfilling and managing those expectations are vital for the success of their relation. It is essential to attend a premarital programme to ensure that you have the clear understanding of marriage and family life and possess the right skills. Our C&G programme will help shape and strengthen your marriage and family life.
  • Family counselling and guidance
  • Parents counselling and guidance
  • Marriage preparation coaching
  • Couple counselling and guidance
  • Sibling counselling and guidance
  • Pre-marital counselling and guidance
  • Divorce counselling and guidance
  • Spouse counselling and guidance
  • Love & Sex counselling and guidance
  • OrganisationalCounselling and Guidance: The modern workplace seems to demand more employee time than ever before. Many employees feel so insecure in their jobs. We hear of downsizing, flatter organisation as well as massive redundancy. On the one side employees struggle to cope. On the other, employers as well as health experts are struggling to find new ways of managing workplace stress, behaviour and performance issues. We help employees manage their personal / marriage / family / career problems that can affect their work attitude and productivity.
  • Team counselling and guidance
  • Employee counselling and guidance
  • Leadership counselling and guidance
  • Career advancement counseling and guidance
  • Performance counselling and guidance
  • Success counselling and guidance
  • Self Enhancement Counselling: You may be a student, employee, couple, family person or a bachelor – our unique and special enhancement programme helps you to manage your life situations effectively. It covers a wide range of essential skills development and unique counselling and guidance sessions. Our self enhancementcounselling and guidance programme will help you to master the art of living.
  • Personal counselling and guidance
  • Mind power & toughness counselling
  • Addiction counselling
  • Love counselling and guidance
  • Post-traumatic counselling
  • Stress and anxiety counselling
  • Sex orientation counselling and guidance

These thoughts & many more might be running through your minds and you don’t know whom to share it with.

We’re giving you an avenue to share your thoughts 💭with us, as we’ll be providing you with 24/7 guidance and counseling services free of charge.

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