So many people don’t know that they’re the major reasons why their relationship isn’t working..

Some of us think we’re doing our partner the very best favor by telling them everything concerning your past!!

This is a personal experience dearies, there are some people – telling them about your past, hurt them badly and their hearts can’t handle it!!

Listen up

You’ve been there, done that and now you’ve finally decided to settle down with the blue-eyed guy/girl you’ve been dating for
long. But what happens when your soulmate, on a perfect romantic date, shoots you
down with the most dreaded question, “So how many men/women have you dated before me?”

It’s a catch-22 situation. You don’t want to lie because you think being honest is the foundation of any relationship and on the
other hand, you’re bound to wonder how your partner will react once you unearth your toxic past.

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Is it really wise to tell your spouse about your exes or reveal a dark secret which no one knows about? Will your partner trust you after knowing the murky details? What if he
finds out from someone else? Is honesty the best policy in a relationship? We explore…

Some secrets are better kept secret

Before you reveal your most intimate secrets to your partner, think again! Ask yourself –
do they really need to know the truth? What could be the consequences? Are they ready
to face it? Some secrets are so lethal that if you tell your partner about them, it would not
just hurt them, but also damage your relationship ceaselessly. So, it’s important to analyse and draw a line as to what to reveal
and what to bury inside yourself.

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Are you hurting your relationship?

It’s very likely that your partner may unknowingly ask you questions that he/she doesn’t actually want the answers for (or is probably not prepared for them). In such situation, it’s better not to answer at all.
Absolute honesty may not always be the mantra for a loving relationship; particularly,
if your partner is possessive about you. Knowing about your past affairs, one night stands or sexual encounters may make him/ her feel insecure.

Whatever happens in the past is past

Whatever may have happened, it’s in the past, it doesn’t really matter and it’s more likely to create problems rather than solve them. If you share everything with your
partner hoping that it will bring you both closer, you need a reality check. Your partner may not necessarily be pleased to
know the truth.

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