Getting married to someone is one of the biggest decisions of your life and it’s wise to make your choices carefully? Dating or relationships can be pretty tricky if not done wisely. You can end up being with the wrong person if you are not careful of whom you want to end up with.

Unlike breakups, divorces are not easy; It involves not only emotional stress but also financial and legal hassles. So it is always best to make sure you are marrying the right person.

As a man, there are women you should never get married to and Here is a list of the reasons why so many women will never get married:

Ways to prevent your new relationship from crashing

  1. The one who constantly tell lies: As a man, you wouldn’t want to be in a marriage with someone who consistently and constantly lie about everything. A woman who likes every time is likely not to get married.
  2. A woman who is materialistic: As a man If your girl constantly talks about getting her gifts, shopping for her, taking her out to fancy dinners and is never available when you need her emotionally, then this is the type of woman you should not marry. A materialistic woman can not keep a home and is likely not to get married.
  3. A disrespectful woman: Every man obviously want to marry a woman who respects them, their family and friends. A disrespectful woman brings shame to her husband and is likely never to get married.
  4. A bitter woman (a saddist): Men should stay away from women like these. Maybe there is a reason why she is behaving that way like a bad past or something else; however, it is difficult to cope up with a woman who is bitter. She’s likely to nag more often and hard to satisfy. Women like this are likely never to get married.
  5. Women who believe in Feminism: Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Women who are feminist believe men and women should be equal and those kind of women are most time not submissive which might lead to them not getting married.

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