Discover the secrets to a healthy life; the true meaning of a healthy woman.

The concept of health or healthy life as we know has been redefined. Health doesn’t necessarily mean what you eat, the number of exercises you can do or the distance you can run. Health as we know today is all about your mental, emotional and physical wholeness.

As defined by World Health Organization, WHO, “Health is a resource for everyday life and not the objective of living, health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources as well as physical capacities.” This 1986 definition was added to the previous definition of 1948 that defined “health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

But one might ask, does that mean I shouldn’t take my exercises as a key priority to having healthy life?
No, far from it, simply, what we are saying is this, do not take your exercises as the only yardstick in measuring your health.

Here are other things you should consider for a healthy life:

  1. Comparing yourself to other people: This has to be the first on the list. This action is so deadly that it can lead to depression and in extension, suicidal thoughts. It’s an unhealthy habit that could birth jealousy, hate and envy. It begins so subtle that it might be difficult to detect at first. Always remind yourself of how amazing and glorious you’re. Do not envy the other girls with big boobs or straight legs and fair complexion. Instead, find your own unique ability by looking inwards. Love, appreciate and value yourself and never compare yourself to others.
  2. Gratitude: Being grateful and acknowledging your own unique qualities has a strong effect on your well-being. Always remind yourself of your accomplishments, it could be your family, the accomplishment of your business goals, absence of disease, a loving partner or even for being alive. This simple act has the potential to lift your spirit and award you with mental health.
  3. Exercise: Yes, we can’t do without it. Exercise is as important as eating healthy. And if we truly desire a healthy lifestyle, we would incorporate it into our weekly schedule. Exercising for as little as half an hour will go a long way in boosting your immune system. You can choose to skip or run, or sign up at a gym. Remember to find an exercise that works for you and you must begin gradually. Don’t overburden yourself to avoid any injuries. You can consult with your doctor to make recommendations for you. Exercises help in weight control, energy boost and can give you self confidence.
  4. Reward yourself with fun activities: Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean being sad. Go out and have fun with friends. Laugh, do silly things and share some juicy gossip. It could get a little boring when all you do is work, exercise and bing watch.
    When you’re able to incorporate this into your life, there would be no room for depression.

The secret to living a healthy life is knowing that a healthy lifestyle is not an end goal but a condition that makes you live a strong, courageous and confident lifestyle as a woman. So, you can be ill but healthy putting into consideration the state of your mental, physical and social wholeness. Once you do not allow your ill health to lead you into depression but you embrace it, and have friends and family around, it’s in itself, an indication that you’re living a healthy lifestyle desiring of a woman.

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