Crush. What a sweet thing to talk about. Although not every crushes have happy end, it’s still awesome when we think again about how that special person draw us closer and deeper. When people likes someone, they usually will act differently than they usually are.
Some might become more active, kinda getting some sort of euphoria, perhaps? But we all know that there are people who just seem like sitting in the corner and watch. Admiring from afar, thinking about that person day and night without anyone knowing.

However, those are just few examples of how liking people change someone. There are way more type of people when it comes to liking someone. There’s one type that boys might find it quite good yet confusing. Ever had that girl who never tries to show that she actually likes you? Don’t worry, well, you’re not the only one who struggles here. If the case is you like her too, then it might be quite suffocating.
But if you feel that way, perhaps you’re missing on something. The signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it, It doesn’t matter how hard she tries not to show it, there are signs that you can still see. Here, you’ll find signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it.
Reason She’s Trying not to Show
Before knowing furthermore about the signs that you can be aware of, you should know first, why is she doing that.

Here are few possible reasons why she’s trying not to show that she likes you :

  • She’s afraid

It’s not pointless, why this point comes first. The most possible reason why she’s not trying to show is that she’s scared and afraid. Afraid of what? Well, maybe she’s afraid of rejection? She’s scared that once she shows you’ll run away.
Perhaps she’s just afraid that your reaction is not what she expected. At times, maybe what she’s afraid of is that you both can no longer be friends once she shows.

  • Embarrassed

Nope, it’s not always like you’re embarrassing her. It’s not impossible that she’s not used to show affection or act of liking. She has a trauma, or she has no experience in that. She’s too embarassed or maybe shy to show you how she feels.

  • You’re a star-crossing couple

You’re a teacher and she’s your student? Are you both come from different races and your parents won’t ever let you be together? Does culture that you need to look into like Indian Dating Culture , seems unsupporting to both of you? Do you come from the same office and love is prohibited? Perhaps she’s just trying to deny her feeling and stop liking you.
Signs a Girl Likes You But is Trying Not to Show It
Even if a girl tries hard to hide, well, not to show her feelings for you, she can never do it 100%. Once she’s interested, she will always drop you a hint. Tons of hint. What matters is how you read and sense that hint correctly.

So, here are the signs that a girl likes you but is trying not to show it :

  • Stare

What’s the signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it? Even when someone tries not to show that she likes you, she wouldn’t be able to stand the will to stare at you. You might catch her taking a glance then look away not so long after. If she likes you, staring at you might be her new hobby.
But, if you look back, she’ll be too nervous for eye contact. However, stare and eye contact can be a scientific ways to make someone fall in love with you .

  • Nervous

If she’s a shy person, try to pay attention, whenever you’re around, she seema nervous without particular reasons. Maybe she’s stuttering, seems kinda blank, then it might be a
signs an introverted girl likes you

  • Plays with her hair

When a girl’s around the guy they like, they might feel so excited yet nervous. You might catch her playing around with her bangs or hairs. That can be a sign of nervous or even unconscious flirt. Body languages can never lie, no matter how hard she tries to hide it.

  • She listens

Whenever you’re talking, be it with your friend or anyone, she’ll be listening to you if she’s there. She’ll pay attention to what you say more than she do to the other person than you.

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  • Look at her feet
    Body language never lie. Her feet will points to your direction most of the time. This shows her attraction towards you. Even when she’s in a group of people, or when she’s all alone, her feet will tell you everything you would like to know.
  • She becomes quieter when you’re around
    She’s shy. She’s trying to hide the fact that she likes you. This alone will already supress her, filling her mind with the thought of not making it obvious. Even if she’s with her group of friends, you’ll catch her being the quiet one. She probably busy staring at you the whole time and just not in sync with her other friends. She might be there, but her mind and heart is definitely somewhere else.

Well, people do deal differently with crushes. If your girl is that one girl who tries not to show her feeling, then you will have to seek out for these signs mentioned above. Finding out just one of the sign from her might excite you, but well, you should seek for more than just one sign to make sure you’re not reading it wrongly.

Understand her reasons, then as a guy, try to find a way out of the signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it. If she’s doing that because she’s shy, then of course you got to make the move on her. However, there’s nothing fixed when it comes to love. You surely can find and do things your own way.


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