It hurts to be used by someone you think loves you. It even hurts more when you are used just because it is convenient and you do not know it. Many lovers get to have a route away from the main that they get to lose themselves over and make sure that their main relationship is still going on well. The ones on the receiving end of this plot are the ones who suffer the most.

Here are the signs that you are being used just because you are available.

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1. They are not expressive about their emotions

You may think they are in love with you because of the time you spend together. Well, spending time together is a nice show of some degree of feelings but that is far from enough. It is possible for people to spend time with you and not have any feelings for you. If they do not make their feelings known, you best step away and just leave because that relationship is deficient in the most important aspect. You should just step aside and leave if they do not make their feelings known.

2. Closeness is only for intimacy

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If they only come close because they want to make love like kissing and probably having sex, then, just know that there is a big problem at hand. When this happens, know that you are being used to satisfy someone’s sexual desires and not at all in love or in a relationship. This kind of state of affairs is dangerous and you need to step aside whenever you see this.

3. They have not cut contact with previous lovers

If they say they have moved on, it has to be that most of the things from the previous life are not prevalent in the current life. However, if they still have the contacts of the previous lover whom they may or may not have anything to do with, just know that you are an option that can be deleted anytime anywhere.

4. They have no interest in your life

If they really do love you, it is normal that they have interest and always ask many questions about your day to day activities. If this does not happen or is not seen, be very careful as you may rank so low on the list of their priorities.

5. They do not participate in arguments

Not participating in arguments does not really mean they respect you or do not argue because they are wrong; it just means they do not care what you come up with. You will realize that they say ‘its okay’ to everything you try to raise and almost agree to everything.

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