Do you doubt if you’ve discovered the right person? Check out five surefire signs that the perfect person has captured your heart. Find out what makes a relationship strong and long-lasting, from shared beliefs to a strong connection.

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Are you deeply in love with someone and unsure whether they are the appropriate match for you? Meeting the right person might be difficult, but if you’re fortunate enough to have done so, it’s crucial to make sure you two are on the same page. Certain unmistakable signals help you determine if you’re in love with the right person, even if every relationship is different. These indicators can help you feel secure in your relationship and make decisions about your future together, from having similar beliefs and interests to experiencing a strong emotional connection.

We’ll look at a few major signs to help you determine if you’re in love with the right person in this post. These insights can help you better understand and appreciate the love that you share, regardless of whether you’re beginning a new relationship or have been with your spouse for a while.

How to know if you are in love with the right person

Here are 10 ways to know if you might be in love — rather than in like — with someone:

1. The best part of your day

As Childish Gambino said, “When I’m alone, I’d rather be with you.” Seeing my girlfriend is always the highlight of my day. If you love someone, you never truly get tired of him or her. No matter how great your day is, your special person will improve it. When you like someone, he or she might improve your day, but it probably isn’t the best part.

2. The first person you think about

Your love will be the first person you think about when you wake up and the last person you think about before you sleep. When something good happens to you, this is the first person you want to tell. When something bad happens, you look to this person for support.

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3. Prioritize your own needs

Love is selfless. I was the most important person in my world until I met my boyfriend. Once I fell in love with him, his needs became much more important than mine. This is just how love is. Your needs always seem trivial in comparison to your significant other’s needs.

4. You’d do anything

If I tried to construct a list of things I wouldn’t do for my boyfriend, the list would be pretty empty. When you’re in love with someone, you do whatever you can to make the person happy. When you like someone, you may feel like there is a lot you would do for the person, but you have your limits. True love knows no limits.

5. You are never afraid to express your feelings in public

I have this semi-bad habit of telling the world how in love I am with my boyfriend.

When you’re truly in love, you want everyone to know. You are not bashful about your feelings by any means. When you like someone, there is much holding back on how you feel.

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6. You love the imperfections

My boyfriend is the most handsome guy I know, but she does have some imperfections. But, to me, they’re not imperfections — they’re unique qualities and things I love. When I tease him about them, he thinks I am making fun of him, but I truly admire them. Love is the ability to know and accept someone’s faults. You may know the imperfections of a person you like, but having the capacity to embrace them likely won’t happen unless you fall in love.

7. You think long-term

When you’re in love with someone, it’s hard to imagine a future without the person in it. For this reason, you will think long-term about how to build a life with this person. You won’t give in to short-term temptations that might mess up your long-term goals. When you are just like someone, thinking long-term can be pretty scary.

8. You become a better person

No one is perfect; we all have room for improvement. But being in love will force you to work on these things. You want to become the best version of yourself for the person you love. I am a better person than before I met my boyfriend.

9. Your feelings are unconditional

When you love someone unconditionally, it means that your love knows no conditions and is absolute. I don’t like the term “unconditional love” because I think it’s redundant — I believe all true love is unconditional. When you like someone, your feelings change depending on the condition.

10. Your love is your best friend

Sometime along the way, my boyfriend became my best friend. I believe this to be true for most people who fall in love. Your significant other becomes your partner in crime. You feel like, together, you can take on the world.


Spending your life with the right person may be a great and gratifying experience. It’s crucial to take the time to consider your relationship and make sure that you and your spouse are developing as a couple. You can be sure you’ve met the one suited for you by observing the telltale indicators of a solid and enduring relationship. Always remember to be open with one another, put each other’s needs first, and cherish your precious moments. The journey of love should be treasured and appreciated at every stage, regardless of how long you’ve been together or how recently you’ve started dating. These are the surefire signs that you’re in love with the right person, so trust your gut, listen to your heart, and pay attention to them.

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