A lot of women can relate to the uncomfortable experience of feeling bloated whenever they are menstruating and not very many know the cause or how to feel better.
The bloated and gassy feeling is to say the least, uncomfortable without the added pain of menstruation but quite a significant number of women pass it off as normal.
The fact is when a woman is menstruating or on her period, the hormone progesterone and prostaglandins can make the smooth muscle in their intestines become more or less active.
Some of the quickest ways of relieving the uncomfortable feeling is to take an antacid or place a heating pad on the lower belly, as this helps to make the symptoms mild. However, some women on their period experience more intense discomfort.
If you fall into the category pf women with more intense discomfort, you may want to consider getting some prescription medications which maybe an antacid or something more potent from your doctor.
Usually, the uncomfortable bloated feeling is nothing to worry about unless it causes such severe gastrointestinal distress, so much so that it keeps you from leaving the house.

Furthermore, certain medical conditions have the ability to exacerbate the bloated feeling while a woman is menstruating, too.

For instance, some women who have a retroverted uterus, which usually isn’t dangerous and requires no form of intervention may have more bowel issues because the uterus pushes down on the large intestine.
If you are one of those women who find out that their period triggers bloody diarrhoea or abdominal pain that is so much severe, that you can’t eat, then there is a possibility that you may have endometriosis.
This condition definitely requires that you see a doctor specialised in obstetrics and gynaecology as soon as possible for a checkup.

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