The primary goal of spring cleaning your garage is to keep cars or motor vehicles in good condition. However, it can soon become a dumping ground for used clothes, broken items, empty paint cans, and trash in some homes. This can make your garage dirty and cluttered. Also, no matter what you use your garage for, it will still get dirty. So, you must declutter your garage and give it a deep clean.

You must dedicate a day or two to clearing, organizing your garage, and getting ready for warm-weather activities. To start this season, here are a few expert guides to help you spring clean your garage:

Tips to spring clean your garage for a More Functioning Space

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Have a Cleaning Plan

If you want to accomplish a lot, there should be a plan for everything you do. Depending on how cluttered your garage is, you might decide to clean it during the weekend. Additionally, you can set a longer time for cleaning, especially if you fill your garage with a heap of junk collected for a very long time. 

Therefore, you can write down a checklist to give you a clear plan of what you want to accomplish or achieve with this garage spring cleaning project. With this checklist, you can assign tasks to family members and determine the best way to speed up the process.

Empty Your Garage

Next, clear your garage and remove everything from the inside. This makes it easy to thoroughly clean your garage, and also you’ll be able to do away with or discard those items that are not useful anymore

To be able to carry out the task, you need to make your choice on a day when it’s rainy or when there is no rain prediction or forecast. You can put the decluttered items on the patio, terrace, passage, or any good spot but make sure they are not directly in front of your garage doors.

Air Your Garage

After decluttering your garage, ensure you’ve opened all windows and doors to let it air out. Another great benefit of creating space in your garage is that you can get rid of piles of junk that restrict airflow in your garage.

Sweep, Wipe, and Wash the Garage

The next thing to do is to thoroughly clean your garage, starting from the entrance. Make sure you wash the windows. Use the sweeper to remove spiderwebs and wipe out all the dirt, salt, and dust collected or deposited during winter.

Use a sponge, warm water, and detergent to scrub the windows, including the sides, window panels, and back door. Some stubborn stains on the windows can be removed using pure vinegar. Also, wipe the blade after each stroke to prevent dirt and particles from scratching the windows and building up.

Lastly, dry your window using a microfiber cloth or a newspaper to eliminate streaks.


A thorough spring cleaning for your garage is crucial to ensuring that your home and garage are clean and healthy. It could be due to dirt and dust accumulating over time due to the winter, or it could be due to the onset of allergy season, which is spring. However, dealing with bad air or accumulated dirt in your house would be unhealthy. You might have been able to carry out some cleanups in your garage, but if you want to thoroughly clean up your house, you can schedule a service call with us. We offer service 24/7, so don’t worry about being stranded in your garage. We’ve got you covered!


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