Love can make us do things we won’t believe. But one of the heartbreaking moments is when you text her and she doesn’t reply.

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It hurts when you try to get the attention of someone you love, but end up not getting it.

Most men are tempted to give up; but winners never quit, they say. Never look back if you want her.

Here are ways to win a girl who doesn’t reply to your texts:

1. Call her instead

Calling her can be the best alternative if she is not picking up your calls. There are different reasons why she might refuse to answer your calls.
Calling her can be a perfect way to make her love you.

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2. Be real

Be yourself when approaching a girl who doesn’t reply to your texts. Most of these girls do not want men who fake it. She would rather be with a simple and trusted person, than a liar.

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3. Change your style of texting

There are chances she doesn’t like your text messages. A slight variation can change things. Find ways of spicing up the texts so that she can love you more. There are different
ways you can flirt with her on the phone besides texting.

4. Give her time

Do not rush things. Give her space and you will find her starting to love you in due time. Women, at times, want time to think about whether they should be in the relationship or not. Give her time and you will see the difference.

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